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Llanthony Bridge - 3rd - Gloucester and Sharpness Canal
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     1794 - Llanthony Bridge - 1st
     1862 - Llanthony Bridge - 2nd
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Address: Gloucester Dock
County: Gloucestershire
Country: England
OS Grid Ref: SO826181
     Nicholsons Guide to the Waterways
     Volume 2, page 69 © 2000 Collins
Type: Bascule
Construction: steel
Power: Electric
Use: Road
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The bridge half raised
The bridge half raised
Construction Partners:
Design: Husband & Co - Design and supervision
Manufacturer: Butterley Engineering Ltd
Build Information:
Technical Information:
Support Group: Gloucester and Sharpness Canal  Website:
Visited by: Stewart Marchant, 12/05/2008
Present Condition: Good -operational
General notes:
The first bridge at this site was a wooden swing bridge built to carry Llanthony Road over the new docks when they were constructed in 1794.

This was replaced in the 1860's with an iron swing bridge. in 'The Gloucester and Sharpness Canal' Hugh Conway-Jones reports that this iron bridge carried a rail line linking the Midland Railway which had a line on the east side of the docks with the Great Western Railway which ran into the west side of the docks.

The replacement lift bridge - built in 1972 - was built to a contract price of £84,886. 92p

Like all the bridges on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal Llanthony Bridge is operated by a bridgekeeper, who works between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.,thus restricting movement on the canal to those hours for any vessel that cannot pass under the brides when lowered. Even a narrow boat needs the bridges to be opened.

Acknowledgements :   John Powell 
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Bibliography :   • Gloucester Docks - An Illustrated History by  Hugh Conway-Jones, Published by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd in 1984
• The Gloucester and Sharpness Canal by  Hugh Conway-Jones, Published by Tempus in 2003
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